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Batavia XBRL Java Library

Mapping Component Only 1.0


Currently only our Mapping Component code is available under AGPL v1 license.

The distribution includes a sample application which is intended to be used through a computer network. The Batavia XBRL™ Java Library SOAfX™ Mapping Component is a software component which can also be used by developers to add data to XBRL mapping functionality to their applications.

To run the sample you still need to download Batavia XBRL Java Library 1.x (BXJL) from where it is available for free with a non-production-environment-use-only license. Copy the batavia-xbrl-bxjl.jar to the lib folder of the Batavia XBRL mapping-only distribution to get the sample application to work.

Go to our project page on SourceForge to download the Mapping Component

Go to our website to download the Batavia XBRL Java Library 1.x.

We work hard to release Batavia XBRL Java Library 2.0 under AGPL v1 on our project page on SourceForge



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